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The Wim Hof Method : Vitality through cold and breathing #485

Saison 6, épisode 485

Anne Ghesquière welcomes in Métamorphose Podcast Wim Hof, the "iceman" holding many records

Anne Ghesquière welcomes in Métamorphose Wim Hof, the famous "iceman". It's all about the mind, they say. What better way to illustrate this point than with the man who broke 26 records related to cold exposure? Today's guest climbed Kilimanjaro in shorts and also spent 112 minutes in a container filled with iced cubes. Challenging yourself with cold does not only improve your mental health, it also has many physical benefits. In his book, The Wim Hof ​​Method - Activate Your Potential, Transcend your Limits, published in French by Guy Trédaniel, the "Iceman" shares his life story and the method he has put in place to enable everyone to develop an optimal mental and physical state. Episode #485

/!\ The information in this book is not a substitute for and is not to be relied on for medical or healthcare professional advice. Please consult your GP before changing, stopping or starting any medical treatment. /!\

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Topics covered in the podcast with Wim Hof :

  • His encounter with the cold and his birth
  • Wim Hof's 26 world records, what for?
  • Breathing exercises and their benefits 
  • The secrets of the Wim Hof Method 
  • Taking the control over our stress
  • The cold as an immune system booster!
  • Integrating cold easily into your lifestyle 

Some quotes from the podcast with Wim Hof :

"I found out that going into cold water is really a way to connect with your body deeply."

"Icy water by which you will learn to control the stress mechanisms in the brain."

"How to beat depression is my goal because I think depression is the darkness of life."

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