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Today I welcome in Métamorphose Gregg Braden, the international speaker, American writer and author of best-sellers awarded by the New York Times as "The Divine Matrix". Gregg Braden is an explorer of human potential, a pioneer of epigenetics that reveals scientific discoveries validating concepts of spirituality known for millennia. We will talk about the impact of language in our lives, human evolution, heart-body-brain coherence, the links between science and spirituality and ask the fundamental question: who are we? An ultra exciting episode with an internationally recognized man - Episode #1

In this episode with Gregg Braden, I will discuss the following themes :

How does new scientific research challenge Darwin's theory of evolution?

What is "heart-brain coherence", why is it important and what is the technique to achieve it?

Tell us about the power of language. You say that the language we use determines the way we think, that words are directly linked to the neurons in our brain?

How does this impact our lives?

Can you tell us about the role of cortisol in the development of diseases, and how to avoid generating it?

Who is my guest of the week, Gregg Braden?

My guest today is an explorer of human potential, a pioneer in epigenetics and a revealer of scientific discoveries that validate concepts of spirituality known for millennia.

He has traveled the world to meet mystics and sacred texts preserved in temples and monasteries, to answer the question: "who are we? He is the author of "The Divine Matrix", "We are not what Science has said about us", "Fractal Time" and others, and his latest book is "The Codes of Wisdom". He bridges science, spirituality and human potential.

Some quotes from Gregg Braden's podcast :

"According to the Hopi people, we only live in a reality of the present moment".

"We consider ourselves separate from each other but it is a belief"

"Much of the Western language, there's separation, which is true and false."

"Indigenous languages often reflect cooperation."

"Why don't those who heal get sick ? Because beauty boosts immunity"

"Beauty changes the chemistry of the body and the way we feel about ourselves."

"Science is made to be updated and renewed. It's not static, it has to change."

"It gives us power when we go off the beaten path and into the heart."

"Most indigenous traditions teach children to interpret the world through their hearts."

Follow Gregg Bradden at: www.greggbraden.com

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